We offer You:

1. Consulting companies and public administrations in developing projects for grant:

- Consultation of the appropriate client application program depending on its investment plans and ideas
– Understanding the customer requirements with the selected program and specifying the conditions for the preparation of specific project
– Detail the characteristics of the project in accordance with the specific needs of the applicant and the specific program requirements
– Preparation of project
– Advising clients in acquisition of the application documents
– Completion of all required when submitting a grant application documents according to criteria of the program
– Advising clients on compliance with the requirements of the program in the project, technical assistance in the implementation of projects and preparation of all required reports

2. Consulting the introduction of management systems:

Standards for building management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, 18001 ONSAS etc..) contain basic requirements for the standard. They can be applied to other organizations (such as type, size, product, etc.) because the standards say what needs to be done, but do not say how. This is decided by the organization itself in most cases in partnership with external experts t. f. consultants.

3. Development of web and graphic design, advertising on Google, the Internet and outdoor advertising.