Programme for Rural Development

Programme for Rural Development

The programme for Rural Development is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Agriculture State Fund and it  is the successor of the SAPARD program. As it is providing grants in agriculture, processing industry and  forestry. The programme funds are provided by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.


Priority area 1: Development of competitive and innovation based agriculture, forestry and food industry
Priority area 2: Conservation of natural resources and environment in rural areas
Priority area 3: Improving quality of life and diversification of employment opportunities in rural areas
Priority area 4: Building local capacity and improve local governance

Potential beneficiaries:

– Farmers, PL and legal entities registered farmers
– POs
– Educational and training organizations
– Associations of private forest owners associations for irrigation
– Microenterprises in rural areas
-  NGOs – to develop non-agricultural products
-  Municipalities

Eligible costs: The purchase of agricultural machinery, technological equipment, machinery, construction and industrial warehouses. There will be support projects to improve infrastructure, repair of roads, street paving, water systems, starting a small business, rural tourism and other non-agricultural activities in rural areas.

Total budget: 3 233 million.

Contracting authority: Directorate of Rural Development under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. (