OP „Transport“

OP „Transport“

OP „Transport “ will be financed from two funds of the European Union: Cohesion and European Regional Development Fund.

Goal: development of railway, road and water infrastructure and stimulate the development of combined transport in accordance with transport policy of the European Union and the requirements for development of the Trans-European transport network to achieve stability of the Bulgarian transport system.


- Operational Programme  is focused on several strategic priorities that will contribute to the integration of national transport network in the EU. Achieving them will make a fundamental contribution to sustainable and balanced economic growth in the country in the medium and long term.

Potential beneficiaries – National Railway Infrastructure Company, fund the National Road Infrastructure Agency for testing and maintenance of the Danube, Executive Agency „Maritime administration“ public corporation „Port facilities“, Sofia Municipality, Ministry of Transport.

Total program budget is OPT-operative programme with the largest budget in Bulgaria – € 2,003,481,168 by the EU (through the ERDF and CF), will provide € 1,624,479,623.

Contracting authority – Coordination of programmes and projects at the Ministry of Transport. (www.optransport.bg)