OP Technical Assistance

OP Technical Assistance

Operational Programme „Technical Assistance“ is one of the seven operational programs developed on the basis of the priorities of the National Strategic Reference Framework and is a tool for acquiring funding from the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union under the 2007-2013 programming period.

Goal: improve coordination, monitoring, implementation and evaluation of Structural and Cohesion Funds in Bulgaria for the period 2007-2013


- Supporting the implementation of activities carried out centrally: Central Coordination Unit, Certifying Authority, Audit Authority, Managing Authority of the Program Monitoring Committee of the NSRF Monitoring Committee and OPTA

- Support to local bodies by providing specialized training

- Further develop and facilitate the functioning of a unified management system and information Promotion of European cohesion policy in Bulgaria and provide general and statistical information

Potential beneficiaries: CCU; certifying authority (the National Fund „to MF); audit authority (the“ Audit of EU funds „to MF); Managing Authority of OPTA (Department of Technical Assistance to the“ Management EU funds in MF) Monitoring Committee OPTA; governing bodies of other operational programs, monitoring committees, institutes and government agencies for analysis and / or statistical institutes involved in the NDP, NSRF, Operational Programs, National Program for reforms, municipalities, regional administrations.

Total budget: total budget of OP „Technical Assistance for 2007-2013 will amount to 56,819,427 euro, of which the EU (through ERDF) will provide € 48,296,513.

Contracting authority -Ministry of Finance through the Operational Programme Technical Assistance for Management of EU funds. (www.minfin.bg)