OP „Human Resources Development“

OP „Human Resources Development“

Human Resources Development operational programme  2007 – 2013 supports projects that lead to acquiring  of new knowledge and skills, qualification and employability enhancement, providing equal opportunities and promoting of social economy development. The program is funded by ESF.

Goals: improvement of the quality of life through better access to quality education and lifelong learning opportunities, including more effective social inclusion and employability enhancement.


- Promotion of economic activity and development of inclusive labor market

- Raising the productivity and adaptability of the employed

- Improving the quality of education and training

- Improving of educational access and training

- Social inclusion and promotion of social economy

- Transnational and international cooperation

Potential beneficiaries: Educational, training and scientific institutions, vocational training centers, consulting companies, research centers, employers, branch organizations and institutions on the labor market

Total budget: EUR 1,214 mln., of which Euro 1,032 mln. come from ESF and EUR 182 mln. – from the national budget.

Geographical scale: The programme  is implemented on the territory of the whole country.

Contracting authority: European Funds department at the Ministry of labor and social policy.