OP „Competitiveness Enhancement of Bulgarian Economy“

OP „Competitiveness Enhancement of Bulgarian Economy“

Competitiveness Enhancement of Bulgarian Economy operational programme 2007 – 2013 is aimed at supporting of actions leading to business effectiveness improvement and business environment development, improving the access to funding, developing a knowledge and innovative-based economy. The business beneficiaries of the program can apply for financing for reinforcing of their international market positions. The funding of the program is provided by EFRD.

Goal: development of dynamic Bulgarian economy competitive to European and world markets


- Development of knowledge based economy and innovative activities

- Increasing the efficiency of enterprises and  promoting  of supportive business environment

- Financial resources for development of enterprises

- Reinforcing of international market positions of Bulgarian economy

Potential beneficiaries: Small and medium sized enterprises, large-size enterprises, research institutes , universities, micro-credit and venture capital funds, standardization, certification and experimenting organizations

Total budget: 1.027 mln., of which EUR 873,5 mln. come from ERDF and EUR 154,112 mln. from national budget.

Geographical scale: The programme  is implemented on a national scale.

Contracting authority: European Competitiveness Funds department at the Ministry of economy and energy . (www.mee.government.bg)