OP „Administrative Capacity“

OP „Administrative Capacity“

Administrative Capacity Operational programme (ACOP) 2007 – 2013 supports measures for strengthening administrative capacity at all levels of state governance – central, regional, and municipal administrations, as well as the structures of civil society and judicial system. The strategical goal of programme  is to support the effective functioning of public administration that will improve the quality of services offered by state administration. The financing of ACOP come from European Social Fund (ESF).


- Good Governance

- State Administration

- Judiciary System and Civil society Structures Human Resource Management

- Quality Administrative Service Delivery and E-governance Development

Potential Beneficiaries: The structures of state administration at all levels, the judiciary system authorities and the structures of civil society

Total budget: EUR 0,153 bln.

Geographical scale: the entire country

Contracting authority: Programme  and projects Management department at the Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform . (www.mdaar.government.bg)