How to apply

How to apply

Basic steps
Applications for funding under the Structural Funds through the following basic steps:

1. Publication of Call:
Calls for proposals are published on the websites of ministries: Works (for OPRD), MEE (for OP „Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy“) MLSP (PP Development Human Resources), MEW (OP „Environment“), MT (OP „Transport“), Ministry of State Administration (OP „Administrative Capacity“) and MF (OP „Technical Assistance „).

2. Development of project proposal:
Project is described in the Application Form. Model Form and Guidelines for Applicants are published on the website of the ministry. The application includes information about the applicant and experience, description of project activities, calendar action plan, expected results of the project implementation mechanisms for management and monitoring of the project budget.

3. Evaluation of submitted project:
For the evaluation committee was formed involving representatives of the Intermediate Body, the Managing Authority and experts with experience in the sector, which refers to the project. Evaluation of the project includes:
Assessment of administrative compliance: whether the documentation is completed correctly
Technical assessment: whether the project meets the objective set in the call for proposals, whether present a clear end results and objectives
Financial evaluation: assessment and verification of budget expenditure to be financed (of funding for European Structural Funds are subject to only a fraction of the total project costs, for the remainder beneficiary must provide co-financing).

Intermediate Unit informs the beneficiary of the outcome of the evaluation process. For disapproved projects provide detailed justification of the reasons for rejection. The average duration of selection and assessment project is 60-100 days.

4. The project implementation begins with the signing of a contract between the beneficiary and the managing authority. While the project is implemented, the restoration of spending takes place after the presentation of supporting documents. Completion of the project is implemented with the presentation of a report describing the results and impact that has had a project to improve the sector. After approving the final report the beneficiary receives payments.